History of the art of cooking in 100 plates

This series tells the story of the art of cooking from antiquity to the present in 100 appetizing bites. The fascinating journey through time takes us from the banquets of ancient Greece to the monastery kitchens of the Middle Ages, the sumptuous feasts of the Arabian Nights and the dinners of the Belle Époque, all the way to nouvelle cuisine and the experiments of molecular cuisine.

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This project was originally intended to be a book, but the crisis in publishing, high paper prices and expensive image rights have turned it into a digital project. Who knows, maybe that’s a better choice in the first place. After all, it’s a better way for author and reader to engage in dialogue. It was important to me that, in addition to the focus on Europe, we will make many excursions around the world, especially to Asia. In any case, I hope that this series will provide many new culinary insights and a variety of ideas for your own cuisine.

This is the current structure of the project – especially the last chapter is still subject to change:

Chapter 1: The Beginnings

1 Hammurabi: The beginning of gourmet cuisine in Babylon
2 Mithaecus: The first cookbook author
3 Archestratos of Gela: Daedalus of the kitchen
4 Jesus of Nazareth: Blessed meal
5 Apicius: Roman cuisine
6 Anthimus: At the court of Theoderic
7 Ibrahim bin al-Mahdi: Kitchen from 1001 Nights
8 Ziryab: The Caliphate of Cordoba and the modern menu
9 Ekkehard IV of St. Gall: The medieval monastic kitchen
10 Su Shi: Ancient Chinese Cuisine
11 Muhammad al-Baghdadi: The book of foods
12 Taillevent: The birth of French cuisine
13 Ni Zan: The invention of pasta and soy sauce
14 Michael de Leone: First German recipe collection
15 Chiquart: The medieval banquet
16 Maestro Martino/Platina: Prince of cooks
17 Robert de Nola: Spanish Renaissance – Aragon’s cuisine at the court of Naples.
18 Bayezıd II: Street Food in Istambul
19 Bavarchi: Persian cuisine
20 Caterina de Medici: The refinement of manners
21 Akbar the Great: Cuisine of the Indian moguls
22 Bartolomeo Scappi: Personal chef of the pope
23 Sen no Rikyū: The kitchen of the tea ceremony
24 Marx Rumpolt: German Renaissance cuisine
25 Lancelot de Casteau: Foreign cuisines
26 Antonius Magirus: The Golden Age of the Netherlands

Chapter 2: The birth of haute cuisine

27 de la Varenne: Beginning of Haute Cuisine
28 Nicolas de Bonnefons: The inherent taste of things
29 Vatel / Francois Massialot: Food as a feast – Royal cuisine
30 Conrad Hagger: Encyclopedia of cuisine
31 Nizam-ul-Mulk / Asaf Jah I: The culmination of Indian cuisine
32 Vincent la Chapelle: Between England and France
33 François Marin: The first modern cookbook
34 Andre Noel / Paul Tremo: The personal chef of Frederick the Great
35 Menon: The culinary art of the Enlightenment
36 Chantoiseau / Boulanger / Beauviliers: The first restaurants
37 Yuan Mei: The culmination of Chinese cuisine
38 Francesco Leonardi: The New Italian Cuisine
39 V. A. Levshin / Alexander Kurakin: The Russians are coming
40 Grimod de la Reynière/Brillat-Savarin: Gastronomic criticism
41 Rama II / Minh Mang: Royal Imperial Cuisines in Siam and Annam
42 Careme: Culinary art and architecture
43 Rumohr/Vaerst/Blumröder: Gastrosophy
44 Ottilie von Goethe / François Le Goullon: Weimar Classicism
45 Magdalena Rettigová: Bohemian Cuisine
46 Henriette Davidis / Katharina Prato: German-Austrian Standard Cookbooks
47 Alexis Soyer: London’s greatest chef
48 Hanaya Yohei: Beginning of Japan’s Culinary Modernity
49 Johann Rottenhöfer: Personal chef of the Bavarian kings
50 Casimir Moisson: Belle Époque
51 Urban Dubois: The cook of the Prussian kings
52 Charles Ranhofer: Great US cuisine
53 Malinda Russell / Abby Fisher: The First African-American Cookbook and Southern Cuisine
54 Adolphe Dugléré: Mozart of French cuisine
55 Ernst von Malortie / Friedrich Tuiskon Baumann: German Haute Cuisine
56 Joseph Favre: Cuisine, Science and Socialism

Chapter 3: The splendor of France

57 Auguste Escoffier: The canon of the 20th century
58 Frédéric Delair: Food as staging
59 Pellegrino Artusi: The birth of Italian cuisine
60 Franz Pfordte: Germany as a star in France
61 Prosper Montagné: Author of the Larousse gastronomique
62 Alfred Walterspiel: The Golden Twenties
63 Curnonsky: The discovery of the province and the invention of the Guide Michelin
64 Henri-Paul Pellaprat: The great teacher
65 Mère Brazier: The cuisine of the “mothers” in Lyon
66 Karoly Gundel: Hungarian cuisine
67 Alexandre Dumaine: The independent chef – king of the cooks in Saulieu
68 Fernand Point: The grandfather of nouvelle cuisine
69 Raymond Oliver: Cook as television star
70 Alex Humbert: Today we go to Maxim’s
71 Gaston Lenotre: The reinvention of patisserie
72 Günter Wanka / Helmut Gietz: Beacon in the German economic miracle

Chapter 4: The Modern Age

73 Paul Bocuse: The chef and the fame
74 Henry Lévy: Haut Cuisine in the divided city
75 Paul Minchelli: The invention of fish cuisine
76 Paul Haeberlin: Alsace – ennobled province
77 Troisgros brothers: Air from other planets
78 Eckart Witzigmann: The German Kitchen Miracle
79 Alice Waters: Californian Cuisine
80 Marcel Kreusch / Pierre Wynants: The 3 stars leave France
81 Michel Guérard: Nouvelle Cuisine
82 Alain Chapel: Kitchen and Truth
83 Joel Robuchon: Kitchen and Perfection
84 Alain Senderens: Food & wine
85 Gualtieri Marchesi: Italy’s 3 stars
86 Frédy Girardet: The Swiss Chef of the Century
87 Nobu Matsuhisa: Fusion cuisine
88 Michel Bras: Diversity on the plate
89 Yoshihiro Murata: Renaissance of Kaiseki – The magic of seasonality
90 Alain Ducasse: Simple Luxury
91 Harald Wohlfahrt: The principle of Variations
92 Pierre Gagnaire: Creative Cuisine
93 Alain Passard: Magic of vegetables
94 Ferran Adria: The cuisine of the avant-garde
95 Thomas Keller: New US cuisine
95 Heston Blumenthal: Cuisine and emotion
97 Yannick Aliéno: Rethinking tradition
98 Rene Redzepi: Thinking regionality consistently
99 Massimo Bottura: Cuisine, art and memory
100 Virgilio Martínez: Véliz Peru and the Diversity of the Andes

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